13 years


Easygoing, Sarah has many different interests and enjoys developing new hobbies and learning new activities. Sarah loves anime, and she enjoys drawing, arts and crafts, music, and technology. Sarah has fun, too, playing outdoors, riding her bike, skateboarding, and fishing. She started rock climbing and snowboarding this past winter, and, in general, seems to really like new experiences!

Sarah’s foster mom enjoys Sarah’s sense of humor—her ability to get a joke, interest in joking around and playing silly (not mean) tricks. In general her foster mom feels she is easy to get along with, takes correction well and tends to be pretty mellow. She has found Sarah to be responsive to redirection and appreciates that she does not respond with a disrespectful attitude. Recently, Sarah has been more interested and open to physical playfulness with her caregivers, including hugs!

Sarah is in 9th grade for the 2016-2017 year. Sarah is very capable of realizing her good academic potential. To assist her in being successful, her parent(s) need to encourage her to complete her homework and make sure it is turned in on time. Sarah’s ability to be socially engaging and communicative serves her well in making friends with peers and older kids and in getting acquainted with teachers and school staff, foster parents, and other significant adults.

Sara continues to work on developing the social skills needed to engage in the give and take of maintaining relationships. Her caseworkers and therapist work with her regularly on developing behavioral tools and strategies to express her feelings in appropriate ways by setting behavioral goals to build her social skills.

In thinking about the adoptive family that would be the best fit for Sarah, it is important that she have a parent who is willing to coach her on taking care of her home environment and taking care of herself. While Sarah has experienced many losses, she has hung onto a couple of important connections. Her adoptive family will find these supports to be helpful in learning more about her and as ongoing supports.

Sarah’s social worker wants to talk with nurturing couples who have patience, good humor, and the desire to help this young teen have the opportunity to realize and achieve her full potential. Having parented, taught, counseled, and/or provided child care for children in foster care would be particularly useful in helping Sarah move forward in positive ways. It would also be a huge plus for the parent(s) chosen to adopt Sarah to have a good repertoire of behavioral parenting tools and strategies. Sarah may do well in a small town atmosphere rather than a big city. If you’d like to learn more about Sarah, contact us soon!


If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Sarah or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.


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