17 years old


Eat, sleep, basketball, repeat; you could say that is Jamie’s mantra – he loves basketball! He is an avid player in private leagues and on school teams. He enjoys athletic training and wants to play basketball in college and, ultimately, professionally. Jamie often reaches out (as if he were his own agent!), to get resources for good opportunities for his basketball goals. Having an adoptive family in his cheering section, who will support and encourage him as he works to achieve his goals, could make all the difference. There aren’t many things that have Jamie’s heart as much as shooting hoops, but hip hop is a close second. It’s definitely his favorite music out there.

On and off the court, outgoing and friendly, Jamie gets along with everyone – children, peers, and adults.

Jamie enjoys being part of a family and participating in family activities of all kinds, including going to see movies, dining out, and barbecuing.

It’s also very important to Jamie to be involved in his community, and something he plans to carry with him throughout his life. He really wants to give back once he is a successful adult, and wants to help poor families, especially single mothers.

Jamie likes to be independent, and values being able to take care of things on his own, but he is working on learning to accept support from the caring adults in his life. Adoptive parent(s) who can be patient, and give Jamie the space and time he needs to feel comfortable will be important.

Now in 11th grade, Jamie’s committed to doing well in school. He enjoyed great success this past year bringing his grades up to A’s and B’s. He is proactive in seeking the resources that help him academically, motivated in part by his basketball aspirations – prospective teams want players with good grades! His sports medicine class really piqued his interest in the field, so a career in athletic training could also become part of his future plans. Jamie is popular with his teachers, and they admire his strong work ethic.

Nurturing, and committed couples or single dads and moms who would love to support and encourage Jamie both on and off the basketball court could be a wonderful fit. Active, sports-loving, hoop-shooting families, especially, who would welcome the opportunity to parent and mentor this motivated young man as he works to achieve all of his aspirations should contact us soon to learn more about Jamie!

If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Jamie or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.


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