8 years

ID# MB9062

Jarah’Niyah is a sweet, resilient boy, and a great communicator. He has a delightful smile! He easily draws a crowd around him, especially when he feels confident. He is very receptive to encouragement, praise, and lots of ‘attaboys’. Jarah’Niyah loves to be busy and enjoys interacting with neighborhood playmates. Favorite activities with his friends are riding bikes and scooters. He often gets so caught up in the fun he and his mates are having that he loses track of time. Other favorite pastimes for Jarah’Niyah are jumping, climbing, and running at playgrounds and fishing.

Jarah’Niyah loves to try new things, and especially enjoys sports including running relay races, playing soccer, and engaging in Karate. Skiing is one new thing that he’s tried recently, and he was a natural! These high energy, structured activities are very positive ways for him to expend his energy. An active, fun-loving family could be a wonderful fit for Jarah’Niyah!

Jarah’Niyah is in lst grade where he is meeting expectations in all areas. It is very apparent that he is able to succeed when placed in a nurturing environment. He is a very inquisitive child and wants to learn and discover the “whys and wherefores” behind things. His behavior at school continues to draw praise from his teachers who tell us that his behavior is “excellent!”

Jarah’Niyah enjoys meeting with his counselor, who provides support and guidance in assisting him to process his feelings, thoughts, and experiences. He also appreciates his school counselor and being able to seek out that supportive adult as needed. Jarah’Niyah will be counting on having continuing counseling supports as a regular part of his support system.

One of Jarah’Niyah’s greatest strengths is being open and honest about his feelings and his willingness to talk about the ups and downs of his past experiences. He is also learning new ways to identify his feelings and emotions and how to respond in positive ways. Some of Jarah’Niyah’s other strengths are his compassion and empathy for others, his willingness to ask for help as needed, his self-confidence, and his strong communication skills. Jarah’Niyah feels most secure and safe when he has a consistent, stable daily routine with clear rules, expectations, limits, and consequences that have been discussed with him ahead of time.

Jarah’Niyah has a lot to share with his adoptive family! The family that will likely be the best fit for him will be a two-parent home with a strong dad figure who will be actively involved in parenting. Jarah’Niyah would love to have a few older and younger brothers and sisters. If you are a family that would enjoy and encourage Jarah’Niyah’s many strengths and appreciate and value his self-confidence and desire to become the best that he can be, we want to hear from you soon.

If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Jarah’Niyah or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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