5 years


Anthony is a darling little boy who depends on certain daily routines to help him feel happy, valued, and secure. Those who know him best have a few things to share about things that make Anthony happiest: He loves to be tucked into bed (often wearing one of his many superhero costumes) and given a hug goodnight. Make sure he has his toy bear tucked in with him! Don’t forget to tell him you love him, no matter what. Say a
cheerful good morning to him, even as he is pulling the covers over his head and giggling.
Anthony depends on his caregivers at home and daycare to structure his time with activities. Walking is usually the only activity he will think of on his own – he always loves going for walks regardless of the
destination! Anthony loves everything to do with Marvel superheroes – movies, books, stickers, pajamas and clothing, especially his Captain America and Ironman costumes. He’s looking forward to getting a Hawkeye
costume next, complete with bow and arrow. He likes to watch videos related to ABCs, shapes, colors, and nursery rhymes, and he has fun playing videogames that require strategy on his Sprout Tablet. Anthony is already a huge sports fan. Of course, he’s a bit too young to play the games but he loves watching. Anthony loves and needs routine and structure. His independent play routine usually involves the repetition of an activity, for instance
looking through books over and over again, and filling and emptying containers repeatedly. While he can play side by side with other children, he prefers not to interact directly with them. He does best with supervision during playtime with other children, and reminders about how to interact and play appropriately. At his daycare program, where he is at his best with the structure, continuous supervision, reminders and clear instructions which are repeated as needed, he does well in “circle” and “story” times. Anthony does best when you have his full attention before giving him directions, which should be clear, one-step instructions. Anthony benefits greatly from having an attentive, caring adult nearby who can patiently and calmy redirect him as needed throughout the day. Anthony is often gentle and full of smiles. He wants to be loved and to be a helpful. He responds nicely to the consistent redirection he needs to be his best. He is able to communicate his needs, but is still working on saying words clearly so that he can be easily understood. When he is feeling upset, a self-calming mechanism that helps Anthony quiet down is
to engage him in an activity that allows him to use comforting repetition, such as looking through a book several times, etc. Anthony’s worker especially wants to hear from two-parent families, but recognizes that there are those exceptional single moms and dads out there who have strong support systems of family, friends, and community
resources that could also be a wonderful fit. Anthony will do best with a committed, patient family, experienced with children with special needs; and a family that can give him lots of time, and attention, and see that the appropriate resources are in place to help him be successful. If you are a nurturing family that has a good repertoire of behavioral tools and strategies and positive parenting skills, we want to hear from you soon.

Click here to see a video of Anthony!

If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Anthony or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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