12 years

ID# MB9027

Isaac is very bright! He has plans to attend college and is currently in a school program for gifted kids. Among Isaac’s many interests are interior design and his applied engineering class at school! He talks about that class all the time! A favorite pastime for Isaac is playing ping pong at the Boys & Girls Club. He also likes many sports, including soccer and football, and enjoys “shooting hoops.”

Isaac really had a lot of fun at camp this past summer and would like to do more camping! Recently, Isaac decided to become a vegetarian. He’s enjoyed discussing healthy protein options with his worker, and learning more about nutrition as a result.

Isaac is doing well in his placement, and he enjoys his foster parents and his foster siblings. Isaac really likes to please his caregivers, and he especially basks in 1:1 recognition for doing well. He’s getting a big boost from having a male case aide who meets with him regularly; having a positive male role model in his life is very helpful to Isaac and he is enjoying the contact immensely. Isaac has matured quite a bit over the last few months and is making progress in learning to express his feelings and emotions in positive ways.

Isaac has very significant relationships with a few relatives, including some of his siblings. He is counting on his adoptive family to help him maintain those important connections! Isaac has so much to share with his adoptive family! If you are a family that will see that Isaac has opportunities for plenty of activities that will challenge his intellect and nurture his love of learning, Isaac and his worker want to hear from you! A family who will encourage Isaac to continue to develop his own identity, such as supporting his decision to become a vegetarian, could be a wonderful fit. Isaac would love for his adoptive family to include pets. Contact us soon to learn more about Isaac!

If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Isaac or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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