9 years

ID# MB9017

Johnathon is a loving, spirited child who is full of life and energy. A rough-and-tumble boy, he loves to be outside (climbing trees, building forts), and loves to play sports. He has great fun at the YMCA and enjoys their overnight camps. A favorite activity at his daycare is going to a local park to play. When he’s inside, Johnathon enjoys playing video games and watching cartoons and children’s movies on TV.

Johnathon has good communication skills, and is academically at or above grade level in school. Johnathon can sometimes become fidgety at school, with his high energy, but he has learned a few tools to help him to stay focused. Those tools seem to be working nicely for Johnathon so far in the classroom.

Johnathon is benefiting from having supports in place to help increase his ability to be attentive and focused, and to help with the anxious feelings he sometimes experiences. Johnathon also benefits from having an attentive adult nearby to redirect him as needed.

Johnathon is very attached and bonded with his two siblings, Gianna and Zaden, and it will be important for his adoptive family to help him to maintain these very important relationships. Though they are recruiting for them separately at this time, his recruitment team remains hopeful that there may be a skilled family out there who could meet each child’s individual needs, and parent Johnathon and his siblings together.

Johnathon’s worker wants to hear from patient, loving, and committed couples and single moms and dads who would like the opportunity to nurture and parent Johnathon. A family that can provide the structure, consistency and support for Johnathon to be his best could be a wonderful fit. Parent(s) who will see that he has the resources in place that will help him be most successful will be important for Johnathon as he moves forward in his life. If your family wants to be Johnathon’s biggest advocates, we want to hear from you soon!

If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Johnathon or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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