7 Years


Tre-Lyn is an adorable little boy with a sweet, engaging smile. Tre-Lyn enjoys interacting with his caregivers and team of resource providers, and loves being around other children. While Tre-Lyn is nonverbal, he makes different sounds to get attention and to connect with others. Familiar sounds, like his foster father’s voice and music he has heard before, elicits smiles from Tre-Lyn. Tre-Lyn’s vision is compromised and he sees mostly shapes and outlines. Fortunately, Tre-lyn’s hearing is better than his eyesight and is likely the strongest of his senses. Tre-Lyn’s need for cuddling and being held is well met at this time as he does not yet walk and is carried wherever he needs to go. A clean house that has no dust is very beneficial for Tre-Lyn.

Tre-lyn’s team of providers is delighted with the substantial progress that has been achieved in addressing and managing his multi-layered medical and developmental issues that began in utero. The level of progress confirms the team’s suspicion that some of his issues are a result of his early environment and not biological in nature. The families who are interested in being considered to adopt Tre-lyn will be given a detailed report on his issues by his social worker.

Tre-lyn’s daily routine seems to meet his needs nicely, and he is very responsive to his caregiver’s ministrations. To make playing on the floor more comfortable for Tre-lyn, his caregiver puts padded mats down to cushion his body. Tre-lyn loves to have his caregiver play with him and especially enjoys her gentle tickling. Bath time is another part of his day that Tre-lyn enjoys. He now has a bathing chair which makes bathing him and washing his hair easier and more comfortable for him. Tre-lyn continues to be fed through a tube and has three feedings a day.

Tre-lyn is transported by bus to and from his school. This past year due to his vision and lack of mobility, physical therapy was the bulk of his school program. In September 2016, Tre-Lyn will be in a 1st grade program where the goals will be to promote his growth and development in adaptive functioning, social/emotional skills, cognition, gross and fine motor skills, and communication.

Tre-lyn’s social worker is open to all families that have a strong support system of family and friends. While some medical background would be a plus, couples and single parents who do not have such experience will be trained in meeting Tre-lyn’s daily routine and handling any emergency that may occur. What will be very important is for Tre-lyn’s parent(s) to be able to work in concert with his treatment team, to schedule his appointments with his various treatment team members and other professionals monitoring his progress, and to see that he is at each appointment.

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If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Tre-lyn or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.



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