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Intelligent and articulate, Elijah is incredibly talented mechanically and plans to pursue a career in engineering. He loves creating and building things. Some of his favorite projects are making Minecraft mods, installing upgrades to his Nintendo DS, repairing Xboxes, experimenting with 3D printing, and making cases for his Gameboy. Of course, he also enjoys simply playing video games and hanging out with friends. Elijah says that he likes most foods, but don’t take him to McDonald’s!

Elijah’s knack for mechanical devices and natural curiosity to expand his computer and engineering knowledge motivate him in school. Elijah is quite passionate about classes which are focused on engineering, computer programming, robotics, and technology; he is particularly fascinated by the class in computer programming. In the fall of 2016, Elijah will be in 9th grade. Elijah is doing well at a B grade level but is expected to do much better once he is settled into a stable, loving permanent family.

Elijah has told us that counseling has been very helpful to him in the past. It was in counseling that he became comfortable enough and trusting enough to begin to talk about his feelings and thoughts. It is also where he was able to develop the self-calming strategies that are main tools he is beginning to rely on when feeling stressed or frustrated. He would like to be able to request further counseling once he is in his adoptive family on an as-needed basis.

Elijah enjoys living in his current placement and appreciates his caregivers, but he looks forward to being adopted. Elijah will thrive with parent(s) who are able to keep him intellectually stimulated and engaged using his critical thinking skills. It is when Elijah is bored that he may get into mischief. Elijah will do best in a family that will appreciate and reinforce his strengths. A potential adoptive family should also be comitted to encouraging the skills Elijah has developed that help him to manage his emotions.

Elijah’s social worker enjoys his time with Elijah and hopes to find a family with one parent, or two, that will support his goals in the engineering field. It would be wonderful to find a family that shares Elijah’s passions.

If you are a family who would welcome the opportunity to parent and mentor this intelligent and talented teen as he works toward his dreams, and who will give him that sense of belonging and acceptance that he longs to find, we want to hear from you soon. Elijah very much wants to be adopted and to have a family that will love and nurture him.

Click here to see a video of Elijah’s Wednesday Child Clip

If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Elijah or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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