11 years


Antonio’s hands methodically press creases into the white construction paper in front of him. Two large folds here. Four small folds there. He patiently aligns the edges together on the floor beneath him, sitting cross-legged and hunched over with the ligament flexibility that only a young boy can have. After a couple of minutes of quiet focus he looks up, with proud smile developing on his lips. His paper airplane is finished, complete with orange and red flames magic-markered onto the wings, no doubt to increase its aerodynamics and maximum speed. Antonio scampers up to his feet and onto his bed, a budding excitement quickly overtaking any earlier shyness he may have shown.
“Antonio loves music – he is a karaoke expert with great memory for lyrics and he has recently begun piano lessons (with a quickly apparent gift for playing by ear).”
The first thing you notice about Antonio is his quiet, friendly demeanor. Soft-spoken and well-mannered, he often answers questions with a “yes, ma’am” or “no, ma’am.” Around the house he willingly does his part to ensure household chores are done: routinely helping with vacuuming, taking out the trash, or feeding the fish. He likes going on family outings and activities: painting, shooting hoops, watching and playing football, games (of any kind), bowling, and playing foursquare – to only name a small handful. He loves music – he is a karaoke expert with great memory for lyrics and he has recently begun piano lessons (with a quickly apparent gift for playing by ear). Something of a homebody, Antonio does well with 1:1 attention from caregivers and calm, low-key home and school environments.
Antonio is in 5th grade for the 2016-17 school year. His favorite subjects are math, reading, and writing. Individual attention, flexible instruction, and an array of academic supports are all helping him learn, maintain and develop positive relationships with peers, and regulate his emotions throughout the day. His teacher has commented that he is having his best year so far, demonstrating increased self-awareness and having lots of ‘green level’ days! Antonio is incredibly proud of his own progress and achievements, including a Responsibility Award he recently won. An adoptive family for Antonio should be comfortable advocating for the educational resources which help him succeed.
Back in his room, Antonio stands triumphantly on his bed. “Ready?” he asks as he cocks his arm back and prepares for his paper airplane takeoff. With care and precision, he flings it out the open door and down through the hallway until it tumbles down onto the carpet thirty feet away. He leaps off his bed and runs after it, only to retrieve it and line up another test flight from the other side of the hallway. The smile on his face continues to grow.
We then sit down to make a card for families looking to adopt, and Antonio adorns his with stickers, hand-drawn pictures, a photo of himself (with his paper airplane), and a list of some of his favorite activities. Antonio very much wants to be adopted. He tells us that in a family he would love to have his own bedroom with a bed and a closet, a TV, and a treasure box to hold his things. Antonio would do well in a two-parent home or with a skilled single parent family with a good support network. It’s important for his future family to honor and maintain his connection with his brother, by telephone and Skype, who lives in another part of the state.
Before we end our visit with Antonio, he proudly poses for a polaroid picture with his Seattle Seahawks football and his green-and-blue slippers, with his Seahawks poster on the wall in the background behind him. He is an avid Seahawks fan and hopes his adoptive family will share that love, or at least not root for the rival Broncos or 49ers. But for the right family, he says with a smile, “yes,” he would make an exception.
Want to hear more about our experience collaborating with Antonio? Give us a call and we’ll tell you all about it!

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