age 16


If you are looking for someone to talk Michael Jackson with, Delontea is your guy. The master of MJ trivia, from song lyrics to fun facts, Delontea’s passion for music is clear and thorough. Get him talking about animals and you’ll find another one of his passions – a love for all creatures.

It’s hard to decide if Delontea loves animals or music more, but why choose? Dogs bring out Delontea’s softer side, and he would love to have one of his own someday. For a time, Delontea had a pet fish named Sapphire, and was able to experience the life of caring for a pet. Naturally, he loved and cared for Sapphire and looks forward to owning another pet fish in the future.

Delontea’s ability to hold lively conversation, his natural curiosity, and his loving heart are just a few of his finest traits. Delontea applies consistent passion to everything he loves including the Seattle Seahawks, Pokémon, video and arcade games, napping, and eating. (He’s partial to sushi or McDonald’s.)

Previously, Delontea volunteered as a youth leader at the YMCA. Though he still loves hanging out at the YMCA with his peers, he now has a part-time job. With the responsibility of school, playing football, and working, he no longer has time to volunteer but still shows up for the kids he has mentored in the past. Delontea is currently in high school and most enjoys learning about Japanese culture and samurais. He also loves playing football and likes his elective classes like ceramics and ROTC. After high school, Delontea has expressed an interest in joining the Marines and/or going to school to work with animals.

Delontea is very interested in learning how to drive a car and dreams of traveling one day, namely to Japan. Delontea is an independent young man, though he wants to find the right adoptive family to accept him as their own; to love and support him throughout his life. Delontea genuinely wants to be adopted and has asked to be involved in the process of finding a family.

“A nice family that treats me like their own kid,” is Delontea’s biggest priority when it comes to a family. Delontea benefits from spending time with people that keep him motivated. The right adoptive family will be encouraging, supportive, and equally passionate. Delontea maintains a relationship with close relatives and would like to keep up those connections. Delontea would do well with a single parent or a couple who has the time and attention to devote to such a delightful teen. Delontea would be a great match for a family who would welcome the opportunity to help him navigate the rest of his adolescence and successfully achieve his goals for the future. If you are interested in adopting Delontea, we would love to hear from you.

If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Delontea or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.


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