15 years


Jaydyn really wants a family of his own! His worker describes him as a great kid who is smart with a great sense of humor. Jaydyn is a big fan of comics, especially Marvel comics. He’s really into mechanics, metal shop, and robotics, and has entertained his CASA and social worker in the past by demonstrating how he could turn on a lamp if he touched one hand to the lamp and another to a plasma globe – cool stuff! Jaydyn also really likes activities such as listening to music, singing, playing video games, and spending time with friends. Though he’s not really into playing sports, he loves watching them, especially football – Jaydyn is a huge Seahawks fan! Jaydyn’s career aspirations include game development and/or work in video game graphic design.

Jaydyn builds strong relationships with people that he has been around for a while. Jaydyn is highly capable of processing his feelings with his caregivers and shows affection with hugs and “I love you’s.” He has built a significant relationship with his current foster parents and is able to talk with them about his feelings and any issues that he has. Jaydyn loves to make others laugh and can be described as a “class-clown” type of kid.

Now in 9th grade, Jaydyn is doing quite well in a mainstream classroom with extra supports. During this past school year, Jaydyn raised his grades! He does best when he is held accountable for completing his class work and handing in his homework on time. Jaydyn also responds well to praise and feedback from people that he cares about.

Jaydyn can focus when he wants to and/or when something is important to him. His ability to focus is often seen during those times when he has the opportunity to pursue his interests. Jaydyn is best able to manage his feelings of frustration when he is prepared ahead of time for transitions and is given enough time to not feel crowded. Since being placed in his current foster home, Jaydyn’s social skills are developing nicely. Jaydyn’s school setting and his counseling program are also helping him foster healthy friendships with other youth.

Jaydyn’s social worker wants to talk with families who have a good understanding of the residual effects of children with a history of trauma. To help Jaydyn feel safe and secure, his adoptive parent(s) will want to provide a consistent daily routine, with clear rules, expectations, and limits, as well as consequences that have been discussed with him ahead of time. Those families who parent with patience, good humor, and lots of encouragement and praise, and who consider family and children their priorities would be a good fit for Jaydyn.

If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Jaydyn or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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