15 years


Glance to the nearest and tallest tree and maybe you’ll spot Jaydyn scaling yet another Evergeen. Or maybe you can hear the continuous thuds of a basketball as he practices his jump shot, or the gravel squishing under his feet as he sprints down the alley to improve his speed and fitness. Or maybe you can’t hear him at all, because he’s engrossed in his latest and favorite video game, further feeding his dreams of becoming a game designer himself one day.

Jaydyn thoughtfully chooses his words as he describes himself: “an introvert slash extrovert…video games, comic books, climbing, parkour, sports…[I’m a] good kid, doesn’t like to get into trouble. I try to stay out of trouble as much as I can and it usually works out.” He also loves movies, music, spending time with friends, and cheering on the Seahawks.

[Block quote] “I’d like to get adopted to not keep moving around, to stay in one place where I can enjoy a home and stay in that home for a very long time.” – Jaydyn

Presented with the opportunity to lend his voice and share directly with potential families, Jaydyn was all-in. With so many interests, hobbies, and thoughtful things to share, Jaydyn took real initiative and was open and reflective on everything he wanted to include in his profile (including reviewing and editing his own narrative!).

Jaydyn is a good student who works hard to stay on top of assignments. In school, like in many areas of his life, he has an innate drive to grow, learn, and improve. Jaydyn has a natural talent for art (check out his video to see!) which comes out in both drawing and photography.

In the future, he wants to pursue video game design and creation. To hear him talk about this passion is to hear a teenager who understands and appreciates the minute details of design and storytelling. Last summer, Jaydyn completed a DigiPen animation class and is excited to continue learning more and more about game design. He is a teenager with dreams and aspirations, along with the drive to pursue them.

Afterword from Nick, NWAE Youth Engagement Specialist: Jaydyn was a terrific co-collaborator on all of his adoption content featured here on his profile. I had a blast working 1-on-1 with him. He was full of great ideas about what he wanted to include in his video – all to ensure it authentically captures who he is. As you can easily tell, he’s a kind, fun, thoughtful teenager who has so much going for him – all while exuding a quiet, humble confidence. All of us at NWAE are proud of the work he put into his content, as well as his courage to share part of himself and his story with potential families. I’m hopeful if you’re a family seeing, reading, and watching his content, you’ll be able to make a real connection with Jaydyn. We’re excited to hear from you soon if you think you might be the family for him!


If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Jaydyn or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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