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11 years



Jermarion, who is funny and charming, has a good imagination and a big, bright smile. He is doing well in his current placement that provides lots of stability and consistency, which help him be at his best. This creative boy will be most successful with nurturing parent(s) who understand the daily needs of a child with lots of energy and who is behind in some areas.

Jermarion enjoys playing outside with sports equipment and absolutely loves shooting baskets! He looks forward to winter each year – playing in the snow is the best as far as Jermarion is concerned. Building with Legos is another one of his favorite pastimes.

Now in 5th grade, Jermarion tends to do best in a one-on-one environment, so homeschooling is working well for him. It is likely he will benefit from having extra academic and behavioral supports throughout his childhood and adolescence. He especially enjoys reading and learning division!

Having adoptive parent(s) who will see that he has good vocational resources available to him as an older adolescent will help prepare Jermarion for adulthood and having some level of independence. Two areas of interest that have career potential are his love of working in the vegetable garden, and cooking. He especially loves to cook, and can prepare entire meals on his own with a caring adult nearby only to supervise for added safety. Everyone always requests his sweet mashed carrots!

Jermarion continues to work on learning the give and take of playing successfully with others, and is at his best when a caring adult is nearby to redirect as needed. He does well with reminders to share with others and to verbally let others know what he wants or needs.

Jermarion needs an adult who is willing to invest the time and attention each day to help him learn simple tools and strategies so that he can respond in positive ways to any feelings of frustration. Having someone who can be his educational and development advocate; who makes sure that there is a caring adult at home or school to provide the healthy, structured outlets and redirection he needs to channel his energy and keep him focused, would go a long way toward making a difference in Jermarion’s life.

While Jermarion’s social worker would love to find a caring couple who could share parenting responsibilities, she also would love to hear from those single moms and dads with good parenting skills and solid support from family, friends, and community resources. It is important, too, for his adoptive folks to make sure he has the community resources that will help him reach his full potential. If you are a family with the experience and skills to provide a consistent, positive home environment for this
funny, charming, and creative boy, you will want to learn more about Jemarion!

If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Jermarion or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.


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