8806 - Tre'Vell - WA - Photo

16 years



Tre’Vell is an attractive young teen who is very engaged in school. Just finishing up his junior year, teachers have had many good things to say about him! He’s athletic and likes to stay fit and active, and will appreciate a family who values a healthy lifestyle. He enjoys working out with weights, dancing, and football. Tre’Vell’s a great athlete who has really enjoyed participating in the Special Olympics! Tre’Vell also finds happiness in making people laugh and cheering them up. He’ll be the first to admit too that he can be a really goofy kid!

Tre’Vell is really a strong self-advocate. Becoming more and more independent, he is able to do more things on his own these days. Emotionally, Tre’Vell is somewhat younger than his chronological age; however, caregivers and teachers of social and daily living skills find him to be a very good, motivated student.

Tre’Vell is most responsive to parental figures who are nurturing yet firm and consistent and who provide clear rules, expectations, limits, and consequences that help him be successful. Tre’Vell has made some great gains behaviorally over the past few years despite experiencing feelings of anxiety, some attention issues, and restless energy. He continues to have the supports he needs to move forward, including counseling.

Tre’Vell has strong bonds with his grandparents and his three younger siblings. He will be counting on his adoptive parent(s) to help him maintain these significant relationships.

Tre’Vell has made a lot of progress in his life, and is more than ready to share who he’s becoming with a family who will share things with him too, and encourage and help him to continue to grow and mature in positive, healthy ways. He is genuinely excited about the family recruitment effort underway for him, exclaiming to his worker and others, “I want to be adopted!” Tre’Vell and his social worker want to hear from couples or single moms and dads with a good support system of family and friends who live in a community that has strong educational and social resources for young teens. If your family is ready to inspire and be inspired by this engaging, motivated, and at times goofy kid, contact us soon to learn more about Tre’Vell!

If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Tre’Vell or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.


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