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15 years

ID# MB8798

TreVaughn is an attractive and engaging young teen who wants to find a family all his own. While TreVaughn can be shy until he gets to know you, this is a boy who laughs and tells jokes. His caregiver describes him as a normal kid with a lot of potential, who is physically strong and not afraid to work hard around the home without complaint. He is the first to volunteer to help with a chore, such as getting the groceries from the car. TreVaughn has a healthy appetite yet maintains a good body weight and a lean profile.
TreVaughn is a “tech kid” who loves all kinds of technology and, of course, video games. He is more of a homebody and is not engaged in any kind of sports at this time. He enjoys reading.
TreVaughn needs nurturing, positive feedback and strong guidance. While he is very smart and poised, and has college potential, he seems to have lost interest in school and academics. Having parent(s) who will take the time to help him explore alternative opportunities, such as a tech school focused on computers and such, could help him focus on what he wants to do as an adult. He would do well in a structured household that is not overly strict and is kind and loving. He responds well to positive feedback and rewards. He really needs a family where the adults use positive parenting approaches. Having a good repertoire of behavioral tools and strategies to enhance parenting would also be very helpful.
TreVaughn’s foster home provides a consistent daily routine, with clear rules, expectations, and limits. Consequences have been discussed ahead of time so TreVaughn knows what to expect if he gets off track. There are also rewards to earn. TreVaughn responds well to the structure, as well as to positive feedback from his foster dad for doing the right thing. His foster dad is very good about taking TreVaughn and the other boys in his care to cultural events and to special educational outings, like going to the history museums. He also takes the time to instill family values and reinforce how a family works together to accomplish things and to how to respect one another. The foster dad expects the boys to treat each other like brothers, in other words, like part of the family. He also expects them to take responsibility for a poor decision and to be able to acknowledge and own up to their mistakes. They all shop together as a family; foster dad supervises them while shopping, since they may have old survival habits that include “sticky fingers.”
In the fall of 2015, TreVaughn will be in eleventh grade with an IEP for social and behavioral supports. A past educator reported that, “TreVaughn has great potential. He is very bright, but he wants things to be easy for him and can shut down when he feels new work is too challenging.” His teachers say that his kindhearted assistance to other students needing help is a real strength.
TreVaughn has a good relationship with his current foster father. TreVaughn wants to belong and have parent(s) that care for him. He still has residual trauma from being abandoned by his birth parents, and the one family member that cared deeply for him, his grandmother, died recently in early 2014. TreVaughn handled it well on the outside, but the grief and sadness does affect him. Perhaps because he so wants to appear to be normal and okay, he can find it difficult to express his feelings. Hopefully, he will be able to learn that putting one’s thoughts and feelings into words can help an individual deal with the events in life in positive and healthy ways, and thereby strengthen his sense of normalcy and okayness. Although he has not yet agreed to counseling, such support would help TreVaughn process past trauma and his feelings of grief and loss.

TreVaughn needs a permanent family with a couple of parents or a strong single parent that can continue to instill family values and provide the structure, rules, limits, consequences, and rewards that have helped him feel a sense of security and belonging. Parent(s) should be consistent, patient and caring and willing to guide this teen through his remaining critical teenage years to responsible young adulthood. TreVaughn wants to belong and have parent(s) that care for him. Should TreVaughn agree to counseling in the future, the parent(s) need to support the therapy to help him process past trauma, grief and loss.

If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for TreVaughn or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.


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