14 years

ID# MB8787

Sean is a boy who is caring, empathic, and looks out for his peers. That big heart of his has led to being very well-liked! Engaging and friendly, Sean enjoys joking around. He also likes to show off his artistic interests and skills through drawing and coloring, and even through writing. He loves animals (especially dogs!), and one day would like to be a zookeeper. His love of animals first started when he saw the movie The Lion King. Sean continues to enjoy movies, as well as playing board games and going to the library.

Sean, who is developmentally much younger than his chronological age, is benefitting from school and counseling resources. Sean’s counseling participation is helping him to increase his social skills, communication techniques, and healthy coping skills. Sean is learning to better manage his attention difficulties and high energy, and lessen his impulsiveness and feelings of stress.
Sean is most successful when he has a caring adult nearby to supervise and give him verbal cues to assist him in following directions, engage in social interactions, and in self-care activities. His ability to be redirected is a strength at school and at home.

Sean needs a family that has experience with kids who are concrete thinkers and who do not readily grasp social cues and nuanced behavior. Sean’s case manager reports that he continues to make steady progress, and is more open to processing his thoughts and feelings. Sean tells us that doing art or creating with Play-Doh are ways that help him to work through his feelings.

In 8th grade for the 2016-17 school year, Sean loves school! He knows the name of each student in his classroom, and says that he is friends with everyone. While art is his absolute favorite class, he likes all kinds of subjects; art is where he shines though. At the end of his 7th grade year, Sean was proud to receive an award for Academic Achievement and Citizenship. Sean was also chosen as one of five students to represent his peers at his school’s groundbreaking ceremony! Sean’s teacher called him a “Rock Star.”

Recently in a conversation with his social worker Sean told her that he hopes the family that adopts him has a mom, dad, brother, sister, and uncle (in other words, a big extended family!). He wants his family to like dogs, to enjoy taking care of animals, and it would be great if they lived near a zoo. Of course, he also would be excited if his adoptive family enjoyed electronics and games.

A family with parent(s) experienced with children with Sean’s needs, and who will be committed to him will be a wonderful fit; Sean will likely need lifelong advocacy and support from his adoptive family. Providing Sean with good structure, routine, and clear expectations and limits will help him feel most secure. If this describes your family, you will want to learn more about Sean!

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If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Sean or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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