11 years

ID# MB8786


Malachi is an energetic, personable, and friendly boy with a bright smile! He loves to volunteer to help with things. He can often be found smiling and laughing when interacting with others and is very good at complimenting others on their good work. He can be supportive of his peers and loves to urge others to do their best. Malachi doesn’t mind entertaining himself doing arts and crafts, or playing for hours on end with toy cars, board games, cards, and Legos. Malachi especially likes playing car racing video games. His all-time favorite cartoon character is SpongeBob Squarepants! Other favorite pastimes for Malachi are riding his bike and going swimming at the YMCA.
Malachi, who enjoys riding the bus to school, is in 6th grade. He’s made tremendous improvements over the last two years! He’s formed friendships with older classmates, and he enjoys assisting the younger kids in the classroom as needed. His good behavior has earned him the privilege to participate in a health and fitness class twice a week, and to enjoy lunch and recess without supervision. Malachi is also developing the tools and strategies to help him process and express his emotions in positive ways, and deal with consequences appropriately. He is much more readily responsive to redirection when needed.
Malachi does best in quiet, low-key classroom environments with a schedule and routine in place that is followed closely. Timer systems have also been something that have been working great this year for Malachi so that he can see visually how much time he has before he has to transition to his next task. A token board is used to reward him for making good choices and transitioning well. He responds well to praise and having choices and time to consider them. Malachi has visual, hearing and motor skills needs, and he is benefitting from participating in speech and occupational therapies.
Malachi is closely bonded with his three siblings who reside in Washington. He maintains contact with them via Skype and in-person visits when possible. It will be important for his adoptive family to be willing to continue to support and maintain these significant connections.
Malachi would benefit from a two-parent home with a stay-at-home parent. Malachi would do well with older kids in the home who could serve as positive role models. Malachi enjoys being part of a group and would fit into a nurturing family who can provide the daily structure and consistency that helps him do well. He will do best in a home that has no pets. A family with experience parenting or working with children who have some developmental needs would be a benefit. Malachi’s family will need to be able to advocate for his needs within the school and community environment. If you would enjoy having a terrific little boy with a great sense of humor and a very social personality, you will want to learn more about Malachi and how he could fit right into your family.

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If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Malachi or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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