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11 years


Elijah is a smart, sweet child, who is generally happy and “ready to go” in the mornings. Big and tall for his age, Elijah loves to be physically active. While riding his bike and scooter and skateboarding are favorite pastimes, he would love to be involved in team sports, especially football, and would also like to join a Boy Scout troop. Elijah enjoys fishing, and he’s hoping that there will be someone in his adoptive family who will want to be his fishing partner. He also enjoys playing board games and card games. Elijah has polite manners and can be very loving and caring. He wants to please the significant adults in his life and is game to help with just about any household chores, especially cooking. Generally, he can be kind and gentle with younger kids and with family pets. Although Elijah doesn’t ask for hugs, he is usually willing to give them.
He is doing very well in school this year and his teacher speaks very highly of him. Currently, he is in a self-contained fifth grade classroom with a behavioral IEP for half of the day and then in a mainstream classroom for the remainder of the day. Described as a ”good self-manager,” Elijah excels in reading but needs some work in math. Although he moved to a different foster home in January 2015, his teacher and other educators advocated for him to remain in his current school since he was doing so well; they even provided transportation through the end of the school year for him. As part of his IEP for behavioral support, Elijah has been building his social skills and making friends among his classmates.
While it is apparent that Elijah has wonderful strengths, he also has some especially challenging behaviors associated with his early environment. He struggles with temper tantrums at home and at school and in the community. When he gets angry he can be defiant or shut down and not talk. Fortunately, he is applying himself (with the help of his counselor and medication therapy, and the support of his foster parents and teacher) to finding ways to respond appropriately to whatever is going on. Elijah can definitely connect with caring adults.
Elijah is learning to modulate his emotions. When the caring adults around present him with choices, he tends to choose to go to a quiet place for alone time to gather his thoughts or get his emotions under control. At home, he goes to his room. At school, he will take himself out of class and find a quiet spot.
While Elijah has been participating in counseling over the past few years, his therapist believes that he is ready to take a break due to his stability. Medication therapy, which is also in place to help him better manage his emotions and his symptoms associated with attention difficulties and high energy, will be continuing. Elijah also takes OTC drugs to help manage his seasonal allergies and to help him sleep through the night.
Elijah needs a family that will provide structure, consistency and a nurturing, warm, and loving home with parent(s) who use lots of positive reinforcement and encouragement. A family that enjoys physical and outdoor activities would fit nicely with his energy level. His parent(s) need to be united in their parenting and need to be patient and knowledgeable about children in the foster care system. His parent(s) should also have a good repertoire of behavioral tools and strategies to work with Elijah to build his confidence and help him learn positive behaviors to meet his needs.
Elijah has significant relationships with his sister and with his maternal grandmother. He will be counting on his adoptive family to help him continue to maintain these important family connections.

If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Elijah or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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