15 years

ID# MB8597

Ronald identifies himself as being creative, a great thinker, and a good chef. He states that he is good at electronics and reading and that he has good sportsmanship. Ronald describes himself as one who is “chilled” or “laid back” and relaxed. Ronald acknowledges that he has “personal problems” and wants to work on them. He recognizes that he needs help in dealing with his personal problems and that he hopes to have help working through these issues with a “mom and a dad who will care about him”.

Ronald loves to cook and often dreams of being a chef. Ronald loves to read and he reads a variety of genres, appearing most interested in books that are sci-fi and fantasy. Ronald has been consisten with working out for health/wellness, physical fitness, and self-esteem.

Ronald is an African- American teenager who has been described as a “large teddy-bear”. He says he would really like an involved committed family to love him, guide him, and have fun with him. He is motivated to work on his goals of therapy, good health, and finding an adoptive family. He knows he has problems, but he is willing to work on them. He is ready to move from his current group home into a loving family. Ronald is involved in running and weight training. He would like to go fishing and work on cars with a dad. He loves to cook and would like to learn more. Ronald needs structure and supervision and would welcome this in a family. He is open to discussions regarding problem solving, healthy relationships, building a healthy self-concept, and expressing his feelings. This young man is ready to be reintegrated into the community with the love and strong support of an adoptive family. Ronald hopes to be discharged to an adoptive family who will be involved in family therapy with him.

To adopt Ronald or any other child with special needs, please contact Adopt America Network at 1-800-246-1731 or email us at We’re waiting to hear from you.

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