8439 - Jameir - NJ - Photo

8 Years

ID# MB8439

Jameir is an adorable little boy. He loves one on one attention from his caregivers and attaches quickly to others. He is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy-spastic quadriplegic. In school Jameir now has the ability to identify his classmates in photos as well as himself. He can also identify shapes and colors. He is learning new skills on the computer to improve his communication and education. He loves to play with puzzles that make noise. He also loves to explore new toys with his five senses, especially taste and touch. Jameir likes finger painting and tearing up paper. Jameir is non-verbal, but he makes all of his desires known by hand motions, crying and other cooing sounds. His receptive language skills are at a 2 year age level. He enjoys attempting to sing songs by alternating the verses with the teacher in cooing and humming noises. Jameir has also begun to learn sign language, which has aided him in communicating more of his needs to others. He is non-ambulatory and requires a wheel chair for mobility however, he now has the ability to crawl, climb, and use his walker in class for short periods of time to walk. He enjoys watching cartoons at home. He gets along well with others. Jameir has a milk allergy and likes most foods. Jameir would do best in a loving family that has the time and dedication to permanently meet all of his personal needs.

To adopt Jameir or any other child with special needs, please contact Adopt America Network at 1-800-246-1731 or email us. We’re waiting to hear from you.

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