Our family is a unique blend of different families.  First, meet the parents, Mark (“Pops”) and Ann (“Mom”).  Both love kids and have plenty of room in their hearts to love another child.  Pops has been employed at a steel mill for the last 26 years, and Mom is a police records clerk.  They are both active in their church, attending prayer meeting, doing community outreach, and have led GriefShare and a motorcycle small group.  Pops and Mom love music, like watching movies, and enjoy nature, especially the desert and the mountains.  Pops has a dry sense of humor, enjoys working out at the gym, and is interested in muscle cars, motorcycles, and amateur photography.  Mom enjoys reading and loves animals, especially horses, dogs and cats.  The family has a dog and two cats, who all compete with each other for attention.

Next, let’s introduce you to Zachary and Amanda.  Their father unexpectedly passed away in 2010.  Zach (age 15) is a quiet, respectful guy who takes his faith seriously.  He’s somewhat introverted until you get to know him, but he loves to talk about his favorite video games and politics.  In his free time, Zach enjoys listening to music, gaming on his computer (he earned it himself!), practicing guitar, mowing the grass, and playing tenor sax in the school band.  He volunteers at church, helping with the big screen media for the main service, and also playing guitar during youth group worship.  Amanda (age almost 12) is a loving, outgoing young lady who is a great hugger.  She loves music, playing video games, animals and loves to read, and has read the “How to Train Your Dragon” series several times!  Amanda also has a fantastic imagination, which she uses to create stories that she sometimes writes down, and she loves to “pretend play” in her room.  Amanda is very excited at having a new sister, and although she understands they may not always get along, she says that a sister relationship is special and is “for life!”

Next, meet Delores (“Nana”).  Nana is Zach and Amanda’s grandmother…her son is their father. Nana has had some interesting jobs…she once was a hair stylist, she’s been an awesome karaoke host, has worked in a preschool,  and she retired from food service at a local hospital a few years ago.  Nana is a fun-loving, loving woman who is active in her church and loves nothing more than to spend time with her family.  She is looking forward to adding another grandchild to her brood!

As a family, we like to go to the movies, go for walks, go out to eat, play board games, and sit and talk. During the summer, we take day trips to local places of interest, and occasionally do a family cross country road trip.  We also enjoy going to concerts together, even though our musical interests vary widely.  Mom and Amanda volunteer at a local humane society, and also sometimes attend horse shows together or help out at a local barn.

And then there’s ________________.  You fill in the blank.  This young lady is our new child/sibling/grandchild.  We welcome her into our home and our family.  We embrace this child as our own, regardless of the past, and we look forward to making a future and a lifetime of new memories together.

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