12 years


Keontae loves legos, video games and other electronics and has a healthy appetite. Keontae is a strong boy and often tests boundaries, he will need a family that can keep him active. He can be very respectful to others, especially younger children. Keonate can be a gentleman, using his manners and opening the door for his workers. Keontae will need strong parental figures who offer consistency and commitment. Keontae can be very sweet, however due to his trauma history he often struggles with controlling his behaviors. He will need a family that understands trauma related behaviors and will work to build on his strengths and access necessary services. He has bonded to his foster dad, where he has been placed for 4 years. It is also recommended Keontae’s adoptive family help him maintain contact with his biological sister.

To adopt Keonate, or any other child with special needs, please contact Adopt America Network at 1-800-246-1731 or email us at We’re waiting to hear from you.

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