15 years

ID# MB8655

Jordan is an attractive child who is polite and personable. He likes watching and playing sports,doing artwork, watching action movies,listening to hip hop music,and dancing. Jordan describes himself as helpful, creative, kind, respectful, and likes pets.
Jordan has a high level of energy and likes to be active. He is working on improving his social interactions with his peers. He likes big cities and exploring new places. He is open to trying new experiences.
Jordan has matured in the past few years and is really hoping to find an adoptive family who he can share his life with. He is fun to be with and would be a great addition to a family who could provide him with structure,support and love.

To adopt Jordan or any other child with special needs, please contact Adopt America Network at 1-800-246-1731 or email us at We’re waiting to hear from you.

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