17 years

ID# WB8679

Turn on the radio, play a note on an instrument, heck, even hum a tune and if Jesse is anywhere nearby he’s likely to join in the fun. This young man enjoys singing, dancing, and everything else related to music. Jesse is a very active child. He is an energetic child who loves to express himself and gets along well with others. Jesse especially enjoys visiting with his siblings, and should be encouraged to maintain relationships with them once he is adopted.

Jesse’s helpers say they enjoy working with him.

You can show patience and remain flexible as you welcome Jesse into your home. You can establish clear, consistent rules, and redirect his behavior when necessary. You can also work with various professionals to make sure his academic, emotional, and developmental needs are being met. Jesse would benefit from regular visits with his siblings, with whom he is very close. Other children in the home should be older than Jesse.

To adopt Jesse or any other child with special needs, please contact Adopt America Network at 1-800-246-1731 or email us at We’re waiting to hear from you.

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