Helping a child today will resonate for generations to come.


Helping a child escape the cycle of foster care is a beautiful and powerful act. When a child is placed with a nurturing, stable home and family, it brings joy beyond belief. By taking action and giving your time and/or your hard-earned dollars, you transform lives as well as the world around us, because you are changing the course of abused and neglected children’s lives and allowing them to reach their full potential.

This will affect the lives of the children who are placed, their children and their children’s children after that. In reality, investing in Adopt America Network is an investment in everyone’s future. But without you and your financial help, we can do very little. You can make all the difference, so please give generously. Every gift is appreciated more than you know.

Sobering Facts

Each year, over 26,000 of these children are emancipated. This means they either leave the foster care system or “age out” when they reach their eighteenth birthday without ever being adopted (Source: website). Without financial or emotional support from anyone, many of these young adults struggle to belong, to gain a place in society and become productive citizens of our communities.

Of all youth aging out of the foster care system, national statistics indicate:

  • 56% are unemployed and face poverty within two to four years.
  • They represent 70% of all homeless youth.
  • They constitute 88% of incarcerated youth and young adults.
  • 40% receive welfare within two to four years.
  • 40% do not graduate from high school.
  • 60% of the teenage girls will have a baby within two years.

These aging-out children are walking tragedies waiting to happen. In addition, it is estimated that each aged-out child costs society more than $1 million over a lifetime. We can invest in finding permanent homes and brighter futures for these kids now – or we can pay many times more later on if we allow societal problems to perpetuate.

Questions About Adopting

An Adopt America Network staff member will be able to answer your questions about opportunities within your state or across the country. Just call 1-800-246-1731 or e-mail us at Thank you for your time and consideration.

Questions About Donating

We thank you for your interest – it could make a waiting child’s wishes come true. For more information or to make a gift, please contact:
Development Office
Adopt America Network
3100 W. Central Ave., Suite 225
Toledo, OH 43606

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