christine prom


17 years


Christine is a very loving teenager who needs an understanding and out of the box thinking family!

Christine is starting to come into her own and her abilities shine! She enjoys swimming and arts and crafts. She can be outspoken and often says what is on her mind. She does have speech issues which can make it difficult to understand her, however she is in speech therapy to build her communication skills.

This bright eyed young lady needs an adoptive family that can help her build her self-esteem and provide constant and lifelong support, well into adulthood. Christine has a gene deletion that will require medical interventions to help her live into her adult years. Christine is on medication for her diagnoses and is in therapy. She does well in school and is more advanced than many of the children in her class!  She continues to develop her independent skills and make positive choices. Christine is on a self-waiver and has been established with a provider to assist a family into the future with identifying services and independent living situations that will allow her to become a successful independent adult.

To adopt Christine or any other child with special needs, please contact Adopt America Network at 1-800-246-1731 or email us at . We’re waiting to hear from you.


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