Stephen and Family

Stephen (61) is a Physicist. Stephen has raised his two biological children and says that it has been an amazingly rewarding experience. They have just started college, and Stephen says he has the time to devote to another group of children. Stephen enjoys playing squash, gardening, playing the piano, traveling and family photography. He also feels that his friends are important to him. Many of them he has met as parents of his children’s friends. They have helped each other look after their children, and carpooled numerous times. Stephen also intends to find a part-time nanny to provide additional support. Stephen feels that life never repeats itself, and the new children will bring new experiences and new ideas. However, he will attempt to provide them with a similar upbringing and raise them on the same principles as his biological children. Stephen says that his family will continue to be child-centered, as his home is built on a foundation of love.

Stephen would like to adopt up to three, of either male or female children, of any race, between the ages of 3 to 16.  He feels capable of accepting the following conditions: ADD, ADHD, adjustment disorder, Abuse to animals, anxiety disorder, asthma, attachment disorder, conduct disorder, developmental delays, diabetes, drug exposed, eating disorders, mild emotional, encopresis, enuresis, failure to thrive, heart murmur, hyperactivity, learning disability, legal risk, obsessive compulsive disorder, physically abused, PTSD, scoliosis, self abusive, sexually abused, and sexually acting out.

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