Ronald and Diana

Baseman, Ronald & Diana - FL


Ronald (60) is a Data Security Director, and Diana (60) is a Homemaker. Ronald and Diana have been married for 39 years and have eight children, four boys and four girls. The oldest six are biological; the youngest two were adopted from Guatemala.  They still have three children at home.  Their 16 year old son is a full time ballet student, and assistant to the second grade Sunday School teacher.  He enjoys spending time with friends and siblings, singing, playing computer games, and drawing.  Their eight year old son lived in an orphanage for his first year prior to adoption at age one.  He is a super friendly boy who makes friends easily and likes to play with friends and siblings, ride his bike, swim, do math, and take ballet and jazz classes.  Their youngest daughter, who will be six in August, was adopted at age 4 months after being in a foster home from birth.  She enjoys playing with her brothers and friends, dolls, dress up, princesses, books, drawing, and ballet.  The two youngest children are especially longing for siblings closer to their ages. The family lives three blocks from the beach in a large, four bedroom, three bath house, with a fenced yard. Diana is a stay at home mother and former public school English teacher who taught average children and those with learning disabilities.  She enjoys singing in the church choir, reading to the children and taking them to dance classes and the beach, writing, knitting, and crocheting.  Ron is a data security director for a large company who works from home and enjoys gardening, swimming, watching old movies, playing the violin, and taking the children to the beach and doing science experiments with them.  As a family they enjoy outdoor activities such as going to the beach, swimming, going for walks, bike riding, and going to the zoo and the playground.  Their indoor activities include attending church and Sunday School, playing board games, watching old movies, dancing and attending dance performances, cooking, going to the library, and reading aloud. Ron and Diana are eager to add another child or children to their family, and miss having more younger children at home.

Ronald and Diana would like to adopt any number, of either male or female children, of any race, between the ages of 0 to 10.  They feel capable of accepting the following conditions: ADD, ADHD, anxiety disorder, asthma, depression, developmental delays, drug exposed, mild to moderate emotional, failure to thrive, heart murmur, hyperactivity, learning disability, physically abused, PTSD, scoliosis, and sexually abused.

To learn more about Ronald and Diana please call 1-800-246-1731 or email us. We’re waiting to hear from you.



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