David and Cindee


David (46) is an HVAC mechanic and Cindee (49) is a homemaker. Presently Cindee is not working, but she is a registered nurse with many years of experience. David and Cindee have been together for 24 years! They have a loving and stable marriage; they communicate very well and are honest with each other. David and Cindee enjoy having fun and laughing, but they also know that they can provide structure and discipline for a child. Together, they enjoy cooking, being outside and activities such as riding bikes, attending concerts, going to amusement parks, traveling and spending time with family and friends. Education is also very important to them. David and Cindee are a wonderful, fun, loving, committed couple. They are excited about expanding their family through adoption.

David and Cindee would like to adopt one of either a male or female child of Asian, Caucasian or Hispanic descent between the ages of 4 to 12. They feel capable of accepting the following conditions: ADD, ADHD, adjustment disorder, anxiety disorder, asthma, attachment disorder, depression, diabetes, mild to moderate emotional, enuresis, learning disability, legal risk, physically abused, post traumatic stress disorder, scoliosis, seizures and sexually abused.

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