Dave and Nancy



Dave is a Sales Representative, and Nancy is a Homemaker. Dave and Nancy have been married for 26 years!  They are a very busy family focused unit. They enjoy traveling to visit family and friends in Rhode Island, go to the mountains of New Hampshire, camp in upstate Pennsylvania with other adoptive families. Dave and Nancy have been home schooling for over 20 years, and enjoy visiting museums, living history venues, and events through their local home school association. The children participate in Little League, dance, programs at the local library, and they fellowship with several other foster/adoptive families. The children all love to read, and be read to, and often reenact stories they have read about. As a family they enjoy cooking out, watching family movies, swimming, and playing video games. This is a great, loving, caring family who is excited about the possibility of adoption again.

Dave and Nance would like to adopt up to four, of either male or female children, of any race, between the ages of 5 to 13.  They feel capable of accepting the following conditions: ADD, ADHD, adjustment disorder, anxiety disorder, asthma, attachment disorder, autism, bipolar, cerebral palsy mild to moderate, conduct disorder, depression, developmental delays, diabetes, down syndrome, drug exposed, eating disorders, mild to moderate emotional, encopresis, enuresis, epilepsy, failure to thrive, fetal alcohol syndrome, heart murmur, hydrocephalic, hyperactivity, learning disability, legal risk, macrocephalic, mild to moderate mental retardation, microcepalic, missing limbs, mood disorder, muscular dystrophy, non-verbal, obsessive compulsive disorder, oppositional defiant disorder (ODD),  physically abused, physically aggressive, PTSD, reactive attachment disorder (RAD), scoliosis, seizures, self abusive, sexually abused, sexually acting out, sickle cell, spina bifida, terminal illness, tourette syndrome, trach, and tube fed.

To learn more about Dave and Nancy please call 1-800-246-1731 or email us. We’re waiting to hear from you.

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