Alan and Tedra


Alan (42) is in overnight rentals, and Tedra (37) is a homemaker. Alan and Tedra have a family of seven. Two biological and three adopted children make up this wonderful family. Alan and Tedra live in a rural farm area of Kentucky. Alan is self-employed and Tedra home schools the children. As a family, they are very active in their church, the community, local sports programs and the family business. Tedra is dedicated to meeting her children’s educational needs. Alan and Tedra love to have fun with their family, traveling when they can. Alan was adopted, so he understands the challenges the children face. The family is excited about adoption – they have a 12-passenger van and are ready to fill it up with more children!

Alan and Tedra would like to adopt up to two of either male or female children of any race between the ages of 0 to 10. They feel capable of accepting the following conditions: ADD, ADHD, adjustment disorder, anxiety disorder, asthma, attachment disorder, conduct disorder, depression, developmental delays, diabetes, eating disorders, mild emotional, hyperactivity, learning disability, mood disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, physically abused, reactive attachment disorder and sexually abused.

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