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17 years


Angel would love to be adopted! Described as sweet, kind and loving, Angel is very caring, compassionate and protective of animals. She thrives when she has had regular opportunities to be involved in activities with animals, particularly with horses. She has loved participating in several horseback riding programs where she also got to be involved in their caretaking. Angel has a very nurturing side and is especially good with young children, interacting with them in playful and helpful ways. Angel’s social life is important to her and she enjoys interacting and talking with peers.

Angel is a bright student capable of doing work at grade level with some support. In the classroom, Angel is currently working on staying on task, being attentive, and completing school work. She will benefit greatly from having adoptive parent(s) to encourage and support her on the home front and to provide a quiet space for homework. Angel wants to graduate on time and having her adoptive family help her achieve that special goal would be a wonderful way for her new parent(s) to show their love and commitment.

Angel has made remarkable progress. Developing tools and strategies to help her express her feelings in healthy, positive ways, has really helped boost her self-esteem, which should only help her as she moves forward and continues to grow. Angel has good communication skills most of the time, and she is quite capable of articulating her needs and being a great advocate for herself. Angel’s adoptive parent(s) should be supportive of counseling as she settles into her new family, and in the future.

A family that shares Angel’s affection and compassion for animals would be a wonderful fit. Angel would absolutely love to live in a rural area, especially on a farm where there are horses! She would likely do best in a small family where she could be an only child or the oldest of a much younger sibling. Angel’s adoptive parent(s) should have a good repertoire of behavioral tools and strategies, and positive parenting skills too could be very helpful in helping Angel move forward in emotionally and behaviorally positive ways. Angel has goals that she’s working really hard to reach in her life. She’d love to have a supportive family to help her achieve them and share her successes. We’re eager to hear from families who are excited for the opportunity to provide Angel the permanency she deserves!

If you are interested in providing nurturing and love for Angel or for any other Special Needs Children, please call our office @ 419-726-5100 for further information.

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