Adopt America Network and the Giving Library!

Giving Library Launch Aims to Improve Philanthropy 

“There is not currently a way for philanthropists to quickly but substantively look into a large number of giving opportunities, and the Giving Library addresses that need. Individuals that use the Giving Library will be able to easily locate, study, and engage with organizations that fit their giving criteria,” said LJAF Director of Communications, Meredith Johnson. “What would have taken months or even years of meetings and travel can now be done in a matter of days, from anywhere. It’s the new way to give.” 

Laura and John Arnold made public their dedication to philanthropy with the establishment of LJAF in 2008 and the signing of Bill Gates’ and Warren Buffet’s Giving Pledge in 2010. The creation of the Giving Library is another step forward in their commitment to charitable giving. As reflected in their Philosophy of Philanthropy, the Arnolds seek to help other donors become as engaged, collaborative, and strategic about charitable giving as the Arnolds personally strive to be. The Giving Library is a tool, but it also serves as a call to action for strategic, thoughtful philanthropy.

About the Giving Library: The Giving Library offers philanthropists an innovative way to enhance their strategic charitable giving. Donors can explore our online archive of video interviews to locate, study, compare, and engage with hundreds of non-profit organizations across the country. The Giving Library also serves non-profit organizations by enhancing donor access through a compelling medium, increasing overall visibility, and providing an opportunity to learn about peer organizations across the country.

To view Adopt America Network’s video at the Giving Library click here and to donate to Adopt America Network click here.

To learn more about John and Laura Arnold and their wonderful efforts click here.

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