Some of the best families are made, not born.


Imagine being a child, growing up without a home or a family to call your own … being virtually alone in the world. Adopt America Network considers this situation totally unacceptable. For just that reason, we are committed to placing eligible children with special needs with supportive, loving, permanent parents or families.

Adoption Explained

Adoption is the method by which adults become the legal parents of children not born to them. Once adopted, a child is granted everything a biological child is entitled to. Adults with the ability to offer a child (or children) unconditional love, patience and commitment are excellent candidates to become an adoptive parent. You can adopt if you:

  • Are single, married or divorced.
  • Are already a parent.
  • Have never been a parent.
  • Own or rent a personal residence.
  • Are an adult of any age. (You are never too old to love a child!)

Children who are eligible for adoption are boys and girls whose biological parents and/or families are not able to care for them. Those who are considered special needs:

  • Have physical, mental, emotional and/or learning delays or disabilities.
  • Are siblings (groups of two or more) who wish to remain together.
  • Are older children, especially teens.
  • Are physically, sexually or emotionally abused.
  • Are drug or HIV exposed.
  • Are minority children, who constitute 62% of our adoptable children.

Getting Started

Adoption begins with you starting the process. Steps include:

  • Completion of an application.
  • Participation in a home study.
  • Matching you with a child or children.
  • Placement of a child in your home.
  • Finally, approval of the adoption in court.

If you are interested in adopting a child from foster care, click here to fill out an application.

Adopt America Network offers home study grants to qualifying families. There might be a fee assessed by the agency that completes your home study for you. Financial and/or medical assistance many times is available when adopting children with special needs. Hopefully, some expense will not prevent you from exploring adoption as an option.

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